Dear Baby Makers...

I’m Sorry, There’s METH-a-WHAT In My Baby’s Food?


Hello parents, guardians, and baby enthusiasts! For my first month, I’ll be discussing that wonderful necessity we do three times a day and spend the rest of the day thinking about; EATING!


My passion for natural homemade food is what started Baby Steps. The company was birthed from my original business adventure, “My Baby’s Chef”. As my network of experienced connections grew bigger, the company expanded beyond my wildest expectations, but that’s a story for another day.


What I’m here to talk about this month is food. My food. Homemade food.


I know you’ve heard it a million times. I know you don’t have the time to even hear it. But just take a minute with me. I’m going to share my secrets.



First off, you’ve been homemaking it already right? I mean literally. Your body has been making it. Out the boob out the bottle you’ve been making it. Don’t stop now!


This time (and probably the only time) your nosy neighbor, italian grandmother, and that coworker who you never even asked by the way, are right (except Nonna, she’s always right).


The best way to know exactly what is going into your baby’s body is to make it fresh with your own two hands. No preservatives. No flavor chemicals. No 9 syllable ingredients only chem majors know how to pronounce.


Second, it is no less time consuming if you don’t forget about your freezer! In the time it would take you to the store and return, you can whip up a week’s worth of natural meals your baby will eat faster than you can say methylparaben (a common preservative found in baby food jars, also you probably can’t say it, also what the heck is up with that ‘meth’ part). Get a sweet potato or pears or apples, blend them, freeze them, and done. Organic as it gets. Meals from Sunday to Sunday.


Well. Maybe not Sunday. That italian grandmother will probably try to convince you that it’s never too early to start eating pasta.


Don’t knock it ‘till you try it Moms & Pops! I know you’ve got the world to run. But the more you do it the more natural it will come. Just like parenting itself.

Ele’s Tots Tips for December!

  • You baby’s first foods should be fruits, plain and simple. Kids love their sweets. Make them natural.
  • Steam steam steam. Boil and you will lose all those lovely nutrients. We’re ALL trying to sleep better am I right.
  • When introducing something not-so-sweet, never add salt, honey or butter (ugh I know, but don’t). Opt for cinnamon powder instead. A healthy alternative to bad fats and habits.
  • Keep a new meal going for 3 days straight, and always keep trying if it’s rejected. What you say goes, boss!
  • It’s normal for meat introduction to be tricky. Try blending the chicken with stock or warm water to create a familiar paste-like texture, and mix it with a food they already enjoy to make a smooth transition.
  • Seriously, don’t forget about your freezer. One short cooking session and all you have to do is defrost for the rest of the week. Treat yourself to some ice cream while you’re in there for being so awesome and efficient.


If you’d like more tips and recipes on what to feed those brand new little tummies, keep an eye on the COOK website for baby food cooking classes! In January, the amazing Audrey Claire and I will be teaming up to offer the best baby food lessons this side of Whole Foods. We have so much more to tell you about saving time, money, and your baby’s belly.


Buona Fortuna and Buona Natale to you my baby makers!