OUR #1 SERVICE! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE KNOWN FOR!! We are very passionate about our nutrition program. We believe that proper nourishment for your child starts from the moment you are pregnant. These services are for expecting mothers who want to be ahead of the game, and current mothers in the game. We’ll help you understand the right nutrition for you and your child like prenatal power foods or introducing solids. With us, you will have a customized menu that is designed just for you and your schedule.

A perfect chance to get together with your friends and their children and have a Party! The Baby Steps girls will come to your home and teach you and your friends how to make, serve and storage baby food. We will cook, teach, serve and monitor your children while they explore new textures and flavors. This is so much fun! $250(3ppl or less) $25/add

Baby Food Group Class

If you like the commodity of having to just reach for a jar and serve it to your baby without spending any time prepping and cooking, this is the service for you. We will create a personalized weekly menu; a detailed shopping list and we will make all the food in your house in only few hrs. All the delicious food will be storage in jars or frozen in cubes trays, labeled and with all the directions to safely defrost it and serve it when is time to eat.Safe, healthy and convenient!


Price Menu

My Baby’s Chef Services


1 Week $375

(14 x 8oz Jars + 7 x 4oz Fruit Jars)

2 Weeks $420

(28 x 8oz Jars + 14 x 4oz Fruit Jars)

Full-Time Personal Chef ($TBD)




YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO COOK? Not a problem. This is the perfect service for you! Picture this: you come back home from a long day at work. You are exhausted and just want to relax and play with your baby. BUT YOU CAN'T! It is almost dinner time so you better get cooking!

To keep a balanced, healthy and complete diet is very challenging and no one has time to spend hours reading a cookbook for inspiration. This is when we come in. Sign up to a monthly membership and we will email you an amazing fun menu for you to experiment with your baby. All the recipes are also included so when mealtime comes, you will know exactly what and how to prepare.($TBD)


Monthly Menu Subscription