Once you get your bundle of love to your home we are there to help you adjust to every change and overcome any challenge. All our in-home services are designed around your needs. Enjoy the each individually or combined them in packages. This is all about you!

Welcome to philly

While your baby is being welcomed to the world, let us welcome you to the neighborhood. This service is for relocated families who are sorting through the stress of expecting and moving all at once. We will hook you up with the services and support you need to feel right at home in a new place, just like your little one ($75/hr)


Relationships Services



This relationship is more than just good chemistry. Eleonora’s professional experience in nannying will help you find the perfect nanny. We will give you all the tools and tell you exactly what to do to find the right match. Build your Nanny Contract, assist you at the interviews and help her in her training. We strongly believe that everyone can find a nanny, but we can help you hire the perfect one for you and your family. ($75/hr)


If you are looking for something a little less expensive, hiring an Au Pair may be a great option for you. Please follow the "find an Au Pair" link in the top navigation if this is something you are interested in. 

postpartum doula

The Postpartum Doula is trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn characteristics, care, feeding, and development, and the promotion of parent-infant bonding.  She has experience in supporting families through their postpartum period.  Coming into the home during the fourth trimester following birth, the Doula's role is to provide education, nonjudgmental support, and companionship, and to assist with newborn care and family adjustment.  She may also help with  meal preparation, errands, grocery shopping, baby laundry, sibling care and light household tasks. The Postpartum Doula can spend time with the baby, allowing parents to cuddle and have quality time with older children, in addition to creating a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower and take a nap. The Postpartum Doula offers evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents. All our doulas are certified and have at least 2 years of experience. ($30-$35/hr)

Our lactation consultants are trained breastfeeding specialists who teach mothers the best way to feed their babies. We help women experiencing difficulty with lactation, painful nursing, and low milk production. We also help mothers find alternatives if their newborn is not properly gaining weight. In our network we have the best IBCLCs and breastfeeding counselors. Some accept Insurance. ($85 First Consultation/$65followups)

Lactation Consultant, IBCLC

Infant massage is an ideal medium, because it naturally encompasses all of the elements in the bonding process from eye to eye contact to warmth, scent, vocalizations, skin-to-skin, and responsiveness. All Classes can be ran in the comfort of your home. ($TBD)

Infant Massage

Everyone needs help sometimes. I will provide a Lifestyle Manager that you can entrust to manage your household. This service includes scheduling of children to and from school and activities, laundry services, grocery shopping, personal errands and more.Personal shopping, errand, house management assistance, light housekeeping and transition back to work services for new parents. My team will help you in achieving Work/Life Balance while adjusting to life with your new baby. ($35hr)

Personal Concierge Service

Infant/Child and Adult CPR Certifications in the comfort of your home. Group Classes are also available. (Starting at $65)

CPR Certification

Between our Baby wearing classes and Babywearing International Volunteers you will learn all about the subject and leave the class with your perfect match. ($TBD)

Baby Wearing

Help to make baby safe from potential injuries. Your baby will be crawling, teething and discovering new things every day. Choking, drowning, falls, poisoning and burns could occur at home. I will look at the world from a baby’s perspective and help parents identify risks and protect your baby from home injuries. Let us help you install all of your child proofing devices, and gates. ($TBD)

Baby Proofing