We Are Maternity Concierges

We are your personal guides and pregnancy assistants. Our focus is satisfying you and your needs as the future mother. In our first meeting, we will assess those needs, answer your questions, and guide you through your own baby steps. We are confident that we can help you tackle anything and everything on your checklist.

Home Sweet Home Program

Once you bring your bundle of pink or blue home, we will teach you how to swaddle, bath, diaper, and soothe ($75/hr)

Childbirth Class

Expectant parents will learn the value of working as a team during the childbirth process. After this program you and your partner will be ready for the big day. Group classes or one-on one classes are offered in the comfort of your home. ($275)

Birth Doula

Birth doulas are non-medical labor coaches who provide expecting parents with physical and emotional support before, during, and after birth. Having a Doula at the birth of your baby has many positive benefits on overall maternal and fetal health, such as:

  • Reducing cesarean deliveries by 50%, use of forceps by 40%, requests for epidural analgesia by 60%, and a 25% decrease in labor length

  • Reduced anxiety

  • More control & more security

  • More positive birth experience

  • Reduced postpartum depression

  • Reduced post-birth bleeding

  • Increase in successful breastfeeding

If you are not sure and have more questions, do not worry! We have all the answers you need. This is an experience to enjoy with your loved ones. Having a doula will make everything easier for you and your partner while you enjoy this life-changing experience. Breathe in, breathe out! All our doulas are certified. Prenatal, Birth Plan, Birth and Postpartum Visit included in the price. (Starting at $1000)

Placenta Encapsulator

Yes, we know this might not be for everyone! After you give birth and the placenta is released so are all those hormones that have been part of your world for the past 9 months. Encapsulating your placenta gives you the opportunity to slowly replace those hormones and nutrients you lost so your fourth trimester recovery is easier on you and your body. If you are interested in learning about the benefits and risks we can include this information in your first consultation. Starts at (Starting at $200)


Aromatherapy for mom and baby

Aromatherapy can be used during your pregnancy, your birth and beyond. The benefits of this natural oils is endless and can be applied on the skin, evaporated or even ingested. Learn from our Aromatherapists which oils are best for each stage of your life. ($TBD)

Every Program is personalized and designed for your needs. Prices may variate.